Rick Erling | Strategic Marketing and Sales Enablement Leader | Lead Generation Specialist | Keynote Speaker and Author
Rick Erling - Author

Does your small business need to generate more leads, attract more customers and make more money? Do you feel like you are completely confusing ‘being busy with being successful?

Find out how to make your business more profitable with Rick Erling, the President of Strategic Marketing and Sales Enablement at Business Growth U.S. Rick is the author of “How to Generate More Leads, Customers and Profits! 10 Small Business Strategies To Dominate Any Market.” He also serves as President of the McKinney Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was the 2014 Valedictorian graduate of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Emerging Leaders Initiative.

Prior to joining Business Growth U.S., Rick had a remarkable career in mid-tier and Fortune 500 corporations for setting the strategy, and driving execution in establishing new selling, partnership, and distribution channels at Cincom Systems. Before Cincom, Rick served clients globally at Tecnomatix, Siemens PLM Software (UGS) and HP Enterprise Services (EDS). He began his career as a manufacturing engineer at Textron and Intergraph Corporation.

Rick is also the publisher of the Business Success Insiders Club, a national best practices thought leader publication focused on sales, marketing and business strategies to increase revenue.


Patrick Bell is a strategist and a business acceleration, profit optimization, and marketing specialist. He has a special ability to work in diverse industries and multi-cultural environments to find unique opportunities for companies to significantly increase their market share. As a consultant and business trainer, he then helps companies accomplish their objectives with optimum efficiency of time and resources.

Along with his Master’s degree in Inter-cultural Studies (Wheaton College Graduate School, Illinois) and his MBA in International Business (Regent University, Virginia), Patrick has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This broad international experience allows him to identify practical solutions that might not be evident to business owners who operate their business in a single environment. You can learn more about Patrick at www.alphaic.com.

Rick Erling
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