Tactical Sales Plans

Sales Management Training - create a tactical sales plan, launch a sales scorecard, develop accurate sales quotas and manage your sales team by business metrics


To sell more products and services, it is important to identify sales gaps, competitive roadblocks, and sales process guidelines as well as plan tactical sales steps to reach your forecasted revenue goals.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to develop a written sales plan with specific sales metrics that measure success.

Yet many firms do not have a sales plan, or the sales plan they do have is missing key ingredients that prevents management and salespeople from navigating the current fiscal revenue goals management wants them to hit.

At Business Growth U.S., we have developed a sales plan and metric model you can immediately use to plot your business goals and sales approach to help salespeople hit their quota. Managers also learn how to create a strategic and tactical outline to manage their sales team.

If you are Sales Manager, VP of Marketing, or CEO, or if you are launching a new business . . . then this seminar is for you.

Learn how to create a sales plan, launch a sales scorecard, develop accurate sales quotas and manage your sales team by business metrics.

What You Will Learn . . .

  • How to develop a sales plan that is accurate and works in conjunction with executive management's revenue goals;

  • The top 15 sales metrics you must track to manage your sales team effectively;

  • 9 proven techniques to quickly build a sales scorecard to help you integrate sales, marketing, strategy and strategic relations into one outbound revenue capture program;

  • Our 30, 60, 90 day implementation plan to deploy your sales scorecard successfully;

  • How to use our metrics-driven system to develop a replicable scalable sales model to grow your sales team correctly;

  • The 7 elements that must be included in every sales plan to be readily accepted by senior management;

  • How to calculate sales quotas accurately based on business facts, not backroom guesses;

  • How to use our sales metrics to better manage your sales team's performance and provide a positive sales environment where salespeople want to do better; Strategy to increase revenue.

. . . and much more.

What You Get . . .

* Proven tips and techniques
* Step by step action plans
* Seminar workbook
*  1 1/2  - 4 hour workshop by a specialist
* 30 days email coaching support

Register For Your Workshop Today . . .

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